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- Introduction to the subject Water >
- Water pioneers:
- Viktor Schauberger >
- Wilhelm Reich >
- Masaru Emoto >
- Patrick Flanagan >

Introduction to the subject of WATER:

- Basic physical and chemical property data of water:_>
- Fereydoon Batmanghelidj: "You are not sick, you are thirsty !":_>

- Water the great mystery:
Russian Documentary movie on the subject of water - a must see !
-> Video:

- The Memory of Water:
One the first SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of the information store capacity of water, which could not yet deliver the work of Masaru Emoto !
Professor Bernd Kröplin,Institute of Statics and Dynamics in Construction of Aviation and Space Travel, University Stutgart, Germany
-> Video:

Viktor Schauberger

- Vortex after Viktor Schauberger:

- Pythagoras Kepler School:
Directed by Schauberger's grandchild. Viktor Schauberger's inheritance has been passed on:_>

Wilhelm Reich


Masaru Emoto

- Extract of the movie: "Bleep" - Message of water:_>
- The power of words:_>

Patrick Flanagan

- Neurophone:


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