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Scientific Studies:

Within 12 years of application the GIE® Water Activation Technology became the subject of scientific interest.

These studies are partly pictures frozen at a specific point in time showing a single image of the continuously changing water. But what they are showing are important tendencies:

  • Scientific Study: REPORT TESTING GIE® WATER by GDV Method measured by    Konstantin Korotkov: JANUARY - JUNE 2007:   

  • Study: Strong Reduction of Uranium in drinking water having passed the GIE®-Device:     16.12.2006:  

  • Study: Behaviour of GIE®-Water: Fritz-Albert Popp: 08.07.2003:   

  • GIE® Water examined with the GDV Method:                                    
         Effects of GIE® Water - based on a change of the bioenergetic field -
         on the human organism - represented with the GDV Measuring Technology.

  • GIE® Water applied on diagnostic device "Prognos A"   

  • Partial integration of oxygen in GIE® Water (Rolf Zimmermann).   

  • Flushing out of 25 heavy metals in urine by GIE® Water.   



    Official approvals

    The GIE® Water Activation Technology is approved by the official Swiss control agency “Société Suisse de l’Industrie du Gas et des Eaux” (SSIG) (official certification authority in the area of drinking water for all of the drinking water equipment and its associated periphery equipment):

    Examination Number: 0207 – 4519
    Official Approval Letter   

    The SVGW Approval is in turn recognized by the major official Approval Agencies in Europe:

    Association Française de Normalisation
    Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex, France
    Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment
    Paris, France
    Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V.
    Bonn, Germany
    EA Rijswijk, Netherlands
    Österreichische Vereinigung für das Gas- und Wasserfach
    Wien, Austria

    According to the producer, all water carrying parts of the GIE® Water Activation Devices have a DVGW-Certification No. and fulfil thereby legal hygiene conditions.

    Requirements after the product liability law of the Federal Republic of Germany are covered by a product liability insurance of the manufacturer.

    The installing plumber is only responsible for the technically perfect execution of its work (e.g. tightness). A liability beyond this of the installing plumber does not exist.

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