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Milk Production > - Farm in CH-8544 Buech b. Attikon / ZH / Switzerland
Biodynamic Vineyard "Pierre Frick" >
F-68250 Pfaffenheim / Alsace / France

Hotel / Wellness

Hotel Grand Palm Spa > - Isle of Marie Galante-Guadeloupe
Rengser Mühle- Restaurant - Café - Hotel_>
- Bergneustadt / Germany
Restaurant Taggenberg >
Winterthur / Switzerland
Les Serans >
- Cultural Centre at Cressia / Jura/ France
Sporthotel Lorünser > - Arlberg / Austria
Finca Constanza > - Tenerife, The Canary Islands
Odjo d'Agua Hotel > - The Cape Verde Islands
Residenz Strandhotel > - Warnemünde/ Germany
Victorinox >


Numerous areas of application of GIE® Water Activators in use give you an idea as to how important water, and its quality, is in private and industrial everyday life:

• Single family houses
• Swimming pools
• Rented and private accommodation.
• Hotels / WELLNESS / Holiday Centres
• Housing and office buildings
• Restaurants
• Bakeries
• Gardening Shops
• Butchers
• Cultivation of medicinal plants
• Breweries
• Cultivation/breeding of fish
Medical practices
• Car washing facilities
Veterinary practices
• Industrial companies

The references represented in the following give you an impression of the varied/broad and successful usage of GIE® Water Activation Technology in professional applications.
We can recommend all specified hotels based upon our own experience. What can be more pleasant than have in your hotel the water quality you appreciate at home?
If you are not yet a GIE® Water Activation Technology user these places are an excellent occasion for a first experience of GIE® Water Activation Technology.

Please contact us - we are most happy to provide you with further information.

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Biodynamic Vineyard "Pierre Frick" >

The Vineyard Pierre Frick, related to wine since twelve generations, looks today after 12 hectares of vines. The choice towards the biological cultivation was taken already in 1970. After 10 years of experience, a new stage was reached in 1981 with the biodynamic wine cultivation (brand "Demeter"), to further increase the vitality of the grounds, the vines and the wines.


Jean-Pierre and Chantal Frick explain: « We gather and sort the grapes manually. The wines are not chaptalized (no sugar addition) and ferment with their indigenous yeasts. Acidity is not corrected. The maturation on fine dregs is proceeded in secular oak barrels. Without fining, the wines are filtered only once before entering in bottles. The only input that we admit is a minimal sulphur addition. For 10 years we have also developed a wine range vinified completely without sulphur. Each one of our vintages expresses the initial balance born from the soil, the year and the care which we bring to the vine ».

To still improve quality, the Vineyard Pierre Frick wished to clean the oak barrels as well as the wine bottles, with a water of high biophysical quality. The treatments of the vines shall also profit from this new water quality.


the wines of the
Pierre Frick
With the GIE® Water Activation Technology, which corresponds perfectly to these expectations, the Vineyard Pierre Frick reaches an additional stage in its vision to act in harmony with nature.

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Grand Palm Spa
Hotel-Spa at Grand-Bourg / Isle of Marie Galante (F.W.I.) / Guadeloupe

The « Grand Palm Spa » is a jewel with 5 exclusive bungalows spread over 5’000 m2 of tropical garden. Besides the private cove, guests enjoy a very personal service with homemade local specialties.

Sustainability has always been the central theme of the « Grand Palm Spa ». In addition, a high quality of local drinking water is very difficult to find.
Looking for solutions, the owners discovered the GIE® Water Activation Technologie.

The results were more than convincing:
In addition to newly acquired excellent quality of drinking water, GIE® treated water has most of all shown a biological stability never seen before in the pool and the hot tubs:

Until now, given the tropical climate with high air and water temperatures, the use of chemicals was ineluctable.

Today, thanks to GIE® treatment, the water of the swimming pool and the two Jacuzzis being even more sensitive can be kept completely clear and biologically stable and without any use of chlorine or other chemical additives.

Reference visits and bungalows reservations are very welcome:

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Restaurant-Cafe-Hotel "Rengser Mühle" >

Since 2002 Maik Vormstein runs with his wife Stefanie the family business « Rengser Mühle » in the fifth generation with a strong commitment.
The house has a first class restaurant with 160 seats, combined with a small hotel with four double rooms furnished in a very personal way.

An extraordinary experience of preventive health maintenance for Maik Vormstein was the installation of the GIE® Water Activation Technology within the distribution of tap water for the whole house « Rengser Mühle » (mid-October 2008 - completed in February 2010).
Shortly after the installation bio-chemical a water testing has been realized with surprisingly positive results in the already high quality of the existing source water.

The water has changed its total hardness from 8 to 4 dGH (German hardness) (14.24 to 7.12 TH (° f) French hardness) became from slightly alkaline to pH neutral, with a conductivity reduced to less than 200 mS (micro Siemens), which indicates an extremely soft water. With this, the need of cleaning agents could be reduced immediately up to 50% and in case rinse agents up to 75%. The heating system was also filled with
GIE® Water and after a short period, energy savings in the use of the oil burner could be determined.

All raw materials processed in the kitchen of "Rengser Mühle" being in contact with GIE® Water actually become more stable and tasty.
GIE® Water is sold both with or without gas in special pitchers with great success.

In the shower and bath a very refreshing and tonic effect was observed.
Regular bathing with
GIE® Water, particularly in combination with the original Himalaya crystal salt from "Water & Salt" (eg 1% = 1 kg Himalayan salt to 100 litres of water) improved the skin of the Vormstein family and guests of the "Rengser Mühle" and strengthened greatly the general well-being

All these moving, personal and read experiences, and gave Maik Vormstein rise to intensively promote the distribution and sale of Water Activation Systems as GIE ®. He is convinced, also following the example of the outstanding work of Viktor Schauberger, Patrick Flanagan, and Wilhelm Reich, whose ideas, knowledge and research have already been integrated into these Water Activation Systems, that this exceptionally high quality and efficient Water Activation means a blessing to us all.

Reference visits are of course welcome:


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Restaurant "Taggenberg" >

The Restaurant « Taggenberg », managed by Peter and Margriet Schnaibel, is one of the first gastronomic addresses in the Canton Zurich of Switzerland - idyllically situated in the midst of nature with a wonderful distance view.
The honest, straight kitchen of Peter Schnaibel was already discovered years ago by the most renowned gastronomic critics:

  • Gault Millau Switzerland: 17 Points 2008; Shooting Star of the year German part of Switzerland 2006
  • 1 Michelin Star in 2008
  • Guide bleu suisse: Award «Palmarès»

As for Peter Schnaibel only the best is good enough in his kitchen, Margriet Schnaibel pays attention to the highest quality of beverages offered to her guests: With approximately 320 discoveries from Europe and some bottles from overseas the wine cellar managed with love by Margriet Schnaibel leaves a wish only rarely unfulfilled.


The quality Table Water accompanying meals, wine and café became more and more important for Margriet Schnaibel.
Looking for alternatives to bottled water, GIE® Water convinced her right from the beginning - as well as regarding taste, economically and ecologically (no more transport needed).

Employment of the GIE® Water Activation Technology within the Table Water Supply.


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Farm Oskar Bollinger

Traditionally nature near led rural enterprise in CH-8544 Buech b. Attikon / ZH / Switzerland.
The realization that the quality of water plays a crucially important role in the health and growth of plants and animals were important for the decision for the GIE® Water Activation Technology. It is used within the total range of house water supply including in particular the water supply of the stable.

The average Milk Production could be increased within the examination period of 4 months over 21%.

Please read here the detailed Field Reportt:
Diary Cows_O.Bollinger_e_2008.11.03

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Les Serans ->
Cultural Centre at Cressia / Jura/ France

Beautifully situated Cultural and Meeting Centre at the French part of Jura for up to 18 persons.

The consistently lived philosophy of the use of resources in conformity with nature is reflected in all areas of "Les Serans".

The centre is open to a broad range of activities from Culture/ Music over Workshops up to Seminars of various kinds and offers for this the infrastructure from meeting rooms over accommodation up to excellent food supply.
The natural treatment of water played for Linda & David Courvoisier, owner of " Les Serans" , always an important role. This was decisive for the Water Activation Technology, applied within the complete range of water supply & the biological swimming pond.

Main Building

Natural Swimming Pond

View to Mont Blanc

The Water Activator installed within the central water supply

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Sport Hotel Lorünser ->
5* Sport-Hotel in Zürs on the Arlberg, Austria.
(according to „Town & Country“:
"... one of the finest three hotels in the world...“)


Situated in the centre of the world-known skiing area Arlberg the Loruenser is one of the oldest and most renowned houses of the region. Allow yourself a bit of luxury as the Loruenser offers very good value for money ...

Application of GIE® Water within the complete range of hotel water supply.

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Finca Constanza ->
Wellness-Finca on Tenerife in the Canaries.
Exclusive Wellness-Hotel (on Aloe Vera Farm) with only seven hotel rooms.


The Finca Constanza is a real pioneer in alternative hospitality: all aspects of bioenergetics enter into a single concept: from the food, which to a large extent comes from their own garden watered with GIE® Water, and up to the swimming pool - all the water used is completely chlorine free!
Let yourself be inspired ...


Application of GIE® Water within the complete range of hotel water supply including the swimming pool, watering the garden and the cultivation of medicinal plants (Aloe Vera)


The swimming pool at Finca Constanza is supplied with GIE® Water. Thanks to GIE® Water, as well as other measures, chlorine can be eliminated totally. The exhilarating effect of this pool water is unparalleled and works for each person according to the current needs of their body. Link:


Garden, fruit trees and, most of all, the cultivation of medicinal plants are exclusively watered and irrigated with GIE® Water. The results are hand-made Aloe Vera products (Bio certified by the Canarian government) possessing the highest quality level.

Link (German only):

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Hotel Odjo d'Agua ->

4* Hotel with 50 rooms at Sal on the Cape Verde Islands.


The most beautiful hotel on the island Sal. Built into the beach in ship form by the hotel owner, Patone Lobo himself, the Odjo d'Agua hotel is simply outstanding. The evenings are enjoyable due to the outstandingly prepared fish, the gentle fresh breeze and the local live music with a view of the beach and the sea.

Water Activator* at the Hotel Odjo d’Agua

Application of GIE® Water within the complete range of hotel water supply including the swimming pool and watering the garden.

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Residenz Strandhotel ->
First Standard Garni Hotel in Warnemünde / Germany:


Opened in 2005 after a record short planning and construction period, the Residenz Strandhotel with 29 rooms has a beautiful view to the harbour entrance of Warnemünde and the Baltic Sea. The particular mild sea climate combined with GIE® Water provided in Wellness Area suits perfect for your entire recreation for an attractive price.

GIE® Water Activation Technology applied:
- in the kitchen area
- as drinking water source in all floors and in the wellness area

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Swiss Army knife brand which is renowned throughout the world.

Not only in the hotel business but also in industry water and its quality is very important. In metalworking algae in cooling water cycles can be kept under control only with substantial and expensive employment of chemistry. With the employment of GIE® Water, the need of chemical additives could be substantially reduced. The acquisition of two 7000 models was paid back within less than one year. The clearly smaller impact of environmental pollution by the use of less chemical additives is not included in this calculation.

Application of GIE® Water within the technical range.


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